Professional Mowing Services


Mowing, Edging, Trimming and Blowing

Mowing correctly and regularly will create a healthier and more attractive lawn for a home or business owner to enjoy!

The following mowing techniques help to ensure you keep a strong healthy lawn:
  • Always changing patterns to ensure not to leave tire tracks or unwanted impressions.
  • Making sure that lawn clippings are mulched thinly and evenly throughout the lawn area adding nutrients back into the soil.
  • Always mowing with sharp blades to prevent damage and stress to the lawn. Making sure never to cut more than 1/3 of the total height or one inch of the grass at any one time to prevent shocking and any damage to the lawn.
  • Edging and trimming along hard surfaces, borders and corners creating a neat and manicured appearance to the lawn.
  • Blowing to clean any debris left on or around the lawn is the finishing touch!

Weekly Mowing Schedule:

  • March 2 times
  • April 3 times
  • May 4 times
  • June 4 times
  • July 4 times
  • Aug 4 times
  • Sept 3 times
  • Oct 2 times

Total: 26 times

Bi-Weekly Mowing Schedule:

  • March 2 times
  • April 2 times
  • May 2 times
  • June 2 times
  • July 2 times
  • Aug 2 times
  • Sept 2 times
  • Oct 2 times

Total: 16 times

Pricing is based on property square footage and can be as inexpensive as $20 per service!

Fescue lawns need to be overseeded in fall to late fall to maintain a lush appearance.

All lawns should be checked for grubs within the soil in mid-summer and if needed a granular grub control applied.

All lawns should be core aerated to help reduce the compaction of the soil and helps improve the strength and appearance of the lawn.

Mowing on a weekly basis is suggested throughout the season and should include edging along all borders. Making sure to properly use and maintain lawn equipment is necessary.

Leaves should be removed promptly from all lawn areas throughout the season.

Watering of the lawn is very important and can be properly maintained with the installation of an irrigation system.

New lawn installations with sod gives immediate and gratifying results.

Landscapes, Lawns & Gardens offers all the services mentioned above and again we look forward to providing a quality service to you!.